Glossary terms

 Matte Formulas Matte formulas have no shine. They reflect very little light compared to all other formulas offered by Beet Cosmetics Co.
Cream Formulas Cream formulas have a natural shine that are part of it's creamy application.
Sheer Formulas Sheer finishes are less opaque than the natural shines found in creamy and regular formulas.
Pearl & Frost Formulas These formulas have a high-shine purposefully developed in their formula. Pearl and Frost can be marketed as the same type of finishes. Satin is still a shimmer finish, not as intense as a pearl.
Regular Formulas These are our best-selling products that don't have any specific properties. They aren't overly shiny, matte, or glittery. These are perfect for everyday use.
All Natural Formulas Any products that are 75% (or more) from naturally derived ingredients are considered natural products.
Redshift Branding All of Beet Cosmetics's products support Redshift branding. These is an eco-friendly branding technology that makes your design's color palette vibrant, use unlimited colors, stay non-toxic, and have an optional layer of gloss applied to them for metallic effects. We're the only cosmetics manufactuer to offer this type of branding on products.
Hostamping Hotstamping is the traditional method for branding logos into cosmetic products. While we do support it - the process limited to one color that fades overtime. By default we'll brand your products with a modern Redshift technique.