About Us

Beet Cosmetics Co. is one of the true believers in all natural, pure cosmetics that offer no 0% cruelty, 100% vegan, no gluten all natural per batch cosmetics. So what does all that mean? We reduce our carbon footprint dramatically by doing our best not to endanger our world, our environment matters and we take that into consideration with every batch of vegan alternative make-ups that really works. We are taking the technology old school, to make sure that you are 100% beautiful with feel good make up, from some of the oldest recipes on the planet, you just can’t get better than Beet Cosmetics because we care. We have 100% transparency on our website which means we don’t hide what we do or where we come from... and we all know what that means, with your support we are going to the top! And we are gonna change the make-up game forever! So look great, feel better knowing that what you wear on your face doesn’t harm where you live or your environment. 100% vegan, 0% animal cruelty, batches made to order, no stagnant chemicals on your face and 100% transparency what more can you ask for from the make-up brand of the future, let’s beetitgood together, checkout our self care and hygienic lines today.